For every hour of preparation, every virtual communication,

    every nook in your home that is now your school office,

    for every technology glitch, disruptive chat, annoying Zoom background,

    every parent who wants more work, every parent who wants less work,

    every parent who just realized you actually email the schedule every day,

    for every confused, anxious, or Zoomed out kid,

    for every little thing you do to make ALL OF THIS WORK.

    Thank you. We appreciate you. We could not do this without you.

    You are a true hero to all of us.


    And when you're feeling overwhelmed, over-tired, under-appreciated,

    or at the verge of throwing in the towel, remember this:

    Coffee helps!


    Just fill in your name, email and address below and we'll have a

    bag of fresh-roasted, fair trade, COVID-free coffee on its way to you.

    Thank you again, for all you do.